Saturday, August 13, 2016

Mischief Managed ;)

It's rare that having diabetes is actually fun. It's mostly just, not bad, often it's frustrating, but I would rarely, okay never, actually consider it amusing.

But the shocked look on the Indian TSA agent's face when I shamelessly yanked up my skirt to show her the Dexcom sensor lodged there that set off her magical-wand-terrorist-threat-detector? Yeah that gave me a few giggles, I won't lie.

"Diabetes," I said, nodding gravely and proffering my doctor's note.

"Oh, diabetes," she said, her head bobbing from side to side in the distinctly Indian gesture of acknowledgement.

She gave me the tentative smile you give to a crazy person you wish to avoid on the sidewalk, asked no further questions, and ushered me through.

And I continued on my merry way, a smile on my cyborg face. 

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