Saturday, August 20, 2016

A Pat on the Back

I saw my endo a few weeks ago when I got back from India. We chatted about the new school year, about my trip, about my A1C. I regaled her with gnarly tales of my 2 week long stomach flu episode and she said something really surprising to me.

She said, "Wow! The stomach flu and all that traveling...and your A1C stayed pretty consistent and you didn't go into DKA? Good job."

I was warned that diabetes would be like a part time job that no one every pays you for and that you never get a vacation from and that's honestly a pretty decent analysis. But I forgot that someone could still compliment me. Two little words and it brightened my whole week.

I'm used to interacting in a world where, while people are often impressed and/or interested and/or proud of me, they don't really understand what exactly it is that they are impressed with/interested in/proud of. Not in the way my doctor does.

I am doing a good job. I know because I'm still alive and (mostly) optimally functioning. But dang it feels good to hear someone say it. 

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