Saturday, May 21, 2016

A helpful cheer!

As a teacher of the primary grades, rhyming is second nature to me. Chants and cheers are great attention-getters, and my natural tendency to pun plays into this nicely.

The other night, as I was treating yet another 4 am low (hello, basal rate adjustment my old friend), I realized that I've been having a certain....melody is the wrong word but I'll go with it...playing in the back of my mind the past few days. Then I realized that it had words.

And that it goes like this.

And that I'm sort of proud of it. 

Glucose Tab cheer:

I almost never need any more

The perfect amount for IOB

This plus temp basal will usually do

Never enough, never done

PS Disclaimer of course, I am neither a medical professional nor a professional cheerleader so this might not work for you during your middle of the night lows. But it made me chuckle, so why not pass it on?

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