Saturday, December 5, 2015

This is Important

I owe the Affordable Care Act so much $32,000.  When I went into the hospital in DKA, I was 24 years old, unmarried, and working full time at a job with no benefits. So a four-day stay in the ICU was really not in my budget. But thanks to the raising of the age limit from 23 to 26, I was still on my family's insurance. Thanks to the ACA, that stay was in Aetna's budget, not mine. Now that I have a "pre-existing condition," I owe the ACA even more thanks that I won't be discriminated against. I owe it thanks for feeling like I can be a substitute teacher if I want to next year, even though there are no benefits, because I can purchase my own insurance on the exchange. 

Speaking of the exchange...on the off chance that there is someone on here, looking for help, trying to understand health care with diabetes, Diatribe (an excellent resource in general) published a great guide here that I'm half posting for a fake audience and half posting for myself as a resource in the future: Diatribe's guide to buying health insurance

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