Saturday, December 19, 2015

Boo ya!!!

So I mentioned I've been experiencing a bit of a fizzle lately. And I also mentioned that I've been doing the work to get back on track...backing off the free-wheeling, high carb lifestyle, reinvigorating my exercise routine. That helped somewhat, and things were a bit less crazy, but when I put my CGM back on after a week or so, I still wasn't completely back on track.

I was trying, but I wasn't seeing the results. Unpredictable, unfair blood sugars, things going bananas even when I haven't even touched anything as remotely high-carb as a banana. Nighttime highs, late afternoon highs, all the time highs. occurred to me....that maybe my basal rates needed a bit of adjusting? I did a small increase, and...all of a ya!

Things are going my way again :)

How does this translate into real-life, non-diabetic life? Well, I think the moral of the story is something like: when things are going haywire, go back to the basics and see what you can do from there. 

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