Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Uhhhhh Doyyyyyyyy (Plus some recommended reading material)

(Author's note: I'm not really sure on the correct spelling of dooooyyyyy. But imagine it said to you in the most annoying, 13-year-old "cool kid" voice)

So, it's always thrilling when people tell me they read my blog and enjoy it. It is definitely flattering, a little dose of celebrity. I always feel just a teeennny tiiiinnnny bit famous. Even though it is always someone that I already knew in real life, who would probably listen to these things if I said them to them out loud.

But then one of my friends said something about how when she reads this blog, she sometimes feels dumb because she doesn't know things like what a bolus is. And I'm like, uhhhhh doyyyyyyy (to myself, of course). To me, this blog has no real, definite audience. Or manifesto. But I do view it as sort of a "letters to my past self" type thing, or really more like a "diabetes for dummies." (Side note: this is not really a good place to get your basic diabetes info if you actually have diabetes. You should read Gary Scheiner's excellent, scientifically accurate and well-researched book Think Like a Pancreas for that). I want people who might know a bit about T1D, or who might know someone with T1D, to feel like this blog is a place where they can get factoids, tidbits, first-person narrative, in-the-trenches perspective, and of course my signature wit. Most importantly, I want people to feel like they actually learned something from this, especially if they're my friends and so T1D is now a part of their lives, too.

So without further ado, I present to you all, the definition of the word BOLUS:

Bolus: (Noun) A one-time dose of insulin, calculated by you (the PWD) in order to correct a high blood sugar and bring it down to normal range or to cover food that you are about to ingest. SEE ALSO: To bolus (verb)

If you're interested in more fun diabetes terms, my favorite D-blogger has a cool glossary here:

And one last note, if there's anything else you're curious about, please please please don't hesitate to ask me! Drop a comment, or mention it to me in person (it shouldn't be hard to find me since I'm pretty sure the audience here is all close, personal friends). 

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