Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Diabetic Playlist

I don't own any rights to anything. But if you're a diabetic (or if you're not) you should still know about these songs.

1. A Tribe Called Quest "Oh My God". Because you too can be a funky diabetic. 

2. The Killers "Human". Sometimes after a hard day, you're asking yourself, are we human? Or are we dancers walking pancreases?

3. Aaron Carter "I Want Candy". This is on here partially because we all need to acknowledge and process our feelings re: frosted hairstyles. But also because, well, the title really speaks for itself.

4. Haim "Don't Save Me". First of all, just a wonderful, wonderful band. Second of all, in Taylor Swift's inner posse (no shame in the loving T-Swizzle game on this here blog). Third, they're a sister band and the youngest one actually has T1D. So that's rad.

5. Maroon 5 "Sugar". Another one where the title speaks for itself, but you can feel less ashamed about your sexual attraction to them because Adam Levine is maybe just sex personified. Especially in this screen capture here (kidding...or not?)

So there you have it. 5 songs. It's short. It's not really comprehensive, and I'm not too sure in what context these exact songs actually go together....maybe while you're having a low blood sugar and are too scatterbrained to notice that they actually don't? Or something? But this blog post has certainly got me curious what searching Type 1 Diabetes on Spotify will produce. 

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