Friday, February 6, 2015

I just don't see what's wrong with enjoying a nice glass of wine with a pancake...

Tonight, to celebrate the end of a long workweek and enjoy the stormy weather, BF and I decided to make the meal of the Gods, AKA Brinner. A tradition in many families, breakfast-for-dinner is a divine idea best described in the title quote of this entry by Turk from Scrubs (holla at a fellow diabetic!).

Yes...yes he is. And so am I!!

In the nature of all things Internet-worthy though, things didn't quite go so smoothly...

In a small effort to be healthy, lower carb, and less double arrows pointing straight up for me, we attempted to make some delicious, low-carb, high-protein, banana and almond flour waffles. Specifically, these ones here: . Don't click on the link yet, we're going to play a little game...

Here are two images of this recipe, side by side. Guess which one is ours, and which one is Food Babe's: 

If you guessed this're right!

Let me tell you something though. These waffles were survivors. They might have been doctored up with some extra almond flour/water to compensate for not enough bananas, they might have gotten dumped in the wet/dirty sink as they were being scraped out of the waffle iron, they might have been slightly burnt and crumbled from being scraped out of the iron...but they actually still tasted pretty darn good. Certainly better than the burnt and oily hash browns and the cold fried eggs. 

Imagine what they could have been with a little more TLC...maybe I will have the BF make them again and I'll post a little follow up!! 

The bright side is, we spent the evening laughing hysterically, remembering this and other epic fails on both our the time I nearly started a grease fire trying to casually wash a scorched pan...or the time he moved all the furniture in our room only to find his wallet sitting on the shelf where it normally was...under a pile of papers...

It soon moved on to reminiscing about stupid fights we've had. Anyone else ever fought about taking turns on Bejeweled before?!?!

*Crickets, crickets*

Maybe I should be embarrassed...well I guess it's a good thing there's no audience to really be embarrassed in front of :)

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