Saturday, February 21, 2015

Data Dump

In the days around the deliciousness known as Valentine's Weekend 2015, we were lucky enough to have a slew of fun visitors and activities to fill our time.

Being teachers, we were also lucky enough to have a slew of chocolate filling our bags, piling out onto the bedroom floor, and just generally hovering temptingly in all directions. (Side note: I quickly googled whether or not it was a "slough of" or "slew of" the google for yourself and then imagine a slough of chocolate...DREAM COME TRUE!!)

For all the days when I eat the same exact breakfast, roughly the same lunch, do the same work routine, and keep myself "easily" in-range (until dinnertime at least...damn you dinnertime and my utter lack of ability to accurately pre-bolus/carb-count you), there are times when I convince myself that the big D is in fact, no big D.

And then.

Then there are humbling days like the weekend I just had, where my average estimated A1C on NightScout jumps 1% in just a week. I forced myself to do a data dump today to check out the new Dexcom Portait on the Web and compare it to NightScout, and well, the results were a bit unpleasant to say the least.

Not as unpleasant as the sluggish, dazed, stomach-twisting, elevator-whizzing-up-too-fast feeling that I suffered through a few too many times this weekend though.

It's almost like when they tell you that junk food is bad for you....they literally mean because it's like really bad for you...

Having the Dexcom often feels like this awesome sensation of a window being cut into my body for me to look through and observe my systems working. (Note: NOT LIKE THIS COW WITH A HOLE CUT INTO ITS SIDE: THAT IS GROSS. THIS IS METAPHORICAL) It's fascinating and addicting to connect the dots between "bad" food, "good" food, energy levels, and my blood sugars. So when I see how french fry and brie-and-baguette dinners affect me on all these levels, it's a potent lesson for next time I'm making these choices.

There are still some things I'm pretty powerless against this dang 2 lb box of See's Dark Chocolate Truffles that's sitting  on my bed right now.

Well, Rome wasn't built in a day...and I suspect my dream A1C of 4% won't be either...

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