Saturday, January 28, 2017

That One Time my Diabetes Was Dangerous for Everyone Else

Why have I been gone from the interwebs world for the past 5 months, my pack of adoring fans might want to know? I'm not sure, actually.

But that's not what this post is about.

The time for self-reflection is coming, I'm sure. But for now, I'm writing about a topic less covered in the diabetes blogger universe. I'm writing about the dangers my diabetes can pose to those around me. And no, not children who are younger and dependent on me. No, I'm talking about FULL GROWN adults here.

A few weeks ago, I was home visiting my family for the holidays. I came home from seeing a movie with a friend (La La Land....discuss???) and was greeted by my family at the door with an accusation. "You're beeping!" they informed me. Confused, I did the standard mental checklist, squeezing each item in turn. CGM sensor? On my body. CGM receiver? In my pocket. Omnipod? On my body. PDM? In my purse. Phone? Also in my purse.

Slowly, warily, pretty sure I was incorrect, I informed everyone that...well, everything I owned that could possibly be beeping was well, with me, while I was gone. And that I hadn't heard any beeping while I was away. As I was talking, I heard the slow, single beep they were referencing. Coming from upstairs. Nowhere near me. Sounding totally unfamiliar.

Well, actually....not totally unfamiliar. I'd heard that beep before. That single, piercing note came from only a few devices....smoke alarms and CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS. Luckily for my family, it was only a warning beep to let them know that the detector had been unplugged. Otherwise my family would have GASSED THEMSELVES while sitting around and BLAMING ME for beeping instead of actually investigating the situation.

So I've broken my long hiatus to bring this safety message to the world: STAY VIGILANT! DO NOT BECOME NUMB TO THE BEEPING! It may save your life in a totally unexpected way one of these days. 

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