Saturday, June 4, 2016

West Texas Forever

A day in the life of a diabetic is....

Trying to set up your new backpacking water filter and becoming increasingly frustrated as you test it in the sink and repeatedly blow air into the sink instead of sucking water into the filter.

As a diabetic, though, you do a check. Are there any obvious mistakes? Am I unnecessarily angry? Am I hungry? my blood sugar a wee bit high?

I took a break as I waited for the Afrezza to kick in (only 15 minutes, BLESS YOU AFREZZA!!!).

I came back, calmer. I took another look.

Sure enough....I had connected the intake tube to the outtake valve and vice versa. Immediately apparent with fresh eyes and no sugary brain fog.

You know what they say....

Clear eyes, clear heart, can't lose (BLESS YOU COACH TAYLOR!!!).

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