Saturday, April 9, 2016

Ode to a Low Blood Sugar, and Other Poems

An anthology featuring such classics as:

"I didn't eat dinner last night so now I'm eating it at 4 am....covered in sweat."

"Oh look cookies! Those will work: A tragicomedy of errors."

"How much is that juice in the window? [Alternate title: I'm not drunk, sir]"

"Who beeped?"

"Overnight low corrections; or, make sure you turn off your Dexcom's high alert"


"Instagram: for when the letters in books are swimming on the page"

"Insulin on board, that sticky wicket"

"I fell asleep cuddling my glucose tabs"

"I can't believe I have to wake up and go to work in 3 hours"

And, most importantly--

"Will what I wrote right now make sense in the morning?"

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