Saturday, September 26, 2015

Just Say Yes....

Last week I climbed a mountain. It took 12 hours up and down, and it was exhausting. I finished sunburned, feverish, jelly-legged, muscles depleted, CGM graph frenetic and as peaked as the mountain we just climbed.

But I made it. I hauled myself up slippery rock steps and down precipitous cables and my body, my muscles, heck even my pancreas made it possible. Remembering my body a year and a half ago, I can't be anything but thankful for it's capabilities. Thinking about all the work I put into my health, it was exhilarating to think, This is what it's all for. 

Yes, of course I manage my health so that I can live a long and healthy happy life with all my limbs intact. Of course I manage my health so that my day-to-day quality of life isn't sticky with high blood sugars. But I more-than-manage my health, I keep myself healthy because this is the kind of stuff I want to do. I want to look out over valleys and scramble down rocks and dip my feet in rivers. Or not, if I change my mind. But the freedom to choose and change my mind and explore and experience? That's what I work for. 

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