Saturday, April 18, 2015

That unexpected sense of camraderie

I've mentioned on here that I am kind of a diabetes "lone wolf." If I haven't mentioned it, well, the very fact that I'm blogging to an audience of zero should probably speak for itself. I have gone to exactly one diabetes meetup, and while it was perfectly nice, and probably something I'll do again, that makes exactly 4 other T1D people I know in real life, and exactly 0 that I've met more than once. Add that to the 0 friends I've made online (touche, okay, I know that I haven't exactly been trying too hard...) and I don't get a lot of socializing with other non-pancreatically-inclined folks.

Which is why the little things make me smile. Like when you go to add a hypo treatment on MyFitness Pal and see that Glucolift tabs, Cherry flavor, have already been added to the database.

Just a fun little shiver of recognition, that can certainly help when you're feeling the hypoglycemic blues.  

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