Saturday, March 7, 2015

$1,000,000,000 later....

The influence of bloggers is scary sometimes...

Not myself personally (obviously), but others. Two things happened recently to make me reflect on the power and impact that the internet gives certain people in your life.

One of my diabetes guru bloggers, the one who introduced me to the DOC basically, was talking about getting burnt out on blogging, and being unsure if she wanted to continue. When I read that, I honestly felt like a life raft was being grabbed away...a bizarre feeling considering I have never even met this woman...don't live in the same state as her...and (creepily) have never even interacted with her, even online! Yet somehow, knowing she's out there, living her life, following along, it's comforting for me. I don't even have any real diabetes friends in real life, but she has served as my entryway into this new phase of my own life. And I don't want her gone. I don't want to hear about her burnout, because I am afraid for my own burnout.

The second, more unfortunate influence is on my bank account. For all you non-diabetes people out there, a super-fun side effect of DKA is that, when you finally do start to recover, your poor, stressed-out, starved body celebrates its revival by letting out a big sigh of relief....and with that also lets go of most of your hair. Seriously. We're talking falling out in clumps, hair braided into your bedsheets, decorating the back of your shirts, tangled in your brush, you name it, there was hair there. And it's not only's eyelashes, it's eyebrows, it's mustache hairs (okay yeah I was kind of thankful for that one). It's something I can get into another time, but having this happen was a VERY vulnerable experience for me. I'm not sure if it was some displaced issues about the words "incurable disease," but the hair loss made me sadder, madder, and more scared than anything else happening to me. So I started some GNC hair vitamins, I cut my hair short, I read up on the internet, and I hoped and hoped it would grow back.

Weeeeeelllll it's not quite there yet, but it has certainly stopped falling out at least. And in the meantime, I've upped my quest for hair-thickening, volumizing products...which led me to a few beauty blogs....which led me to a few more beauty blogs...which led me to a massive order (they just offer so many free samples!) (it's so hard to tell how small 2 oz is when you're buying online!)....which was probably a bad decision.

But when your hair is see-through in your shadow, and your eyelashes are missing....well, what can I say? Your judgement gets a bit cloudy. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I feel I can claim this as a medical deduction on my taxes.

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