Sunday, August 17, 2014

Do Bears Eat Insulin? And other questions from a new diabetic...

Hello internet world! Which is kind of an awkward way to kick off a blog, but I have zero experience and I had to get the ball rolling somehow. My name is Avery, and I have Type 1 diabetes (as of very recently), and I guess, to put it bluntly, I am looking for friends! And I am also hoping to be a friend, to people who are even more recently diagnosed than me (which is hard because I just found out at the beginning of July). I have heard that in the modern world, the internet is where you go for friends. And since there's no okcupid for people with chronic diseases that I can find, I guess I'll have to strike out on my own.

Even though I am beyond lucky to have incredibly supportive friends, family, doctors, and boyfriend helping me as I adjust to this diagnosis, I am still looking for a community I guess. So hopefully this blog will be a place where I can find people to share with, ask questions with, and commiserate with too. We can talk about low-carb recipes, best exercise practices, hair loss (I need lots of encouragement here), continuous glucose moniters, and being frustrated with the question "did you eat too much sugar or something?". We can share gripes over having to constantly sound like Regina in Mean Girls ("is butter a carb?") anytime we encounter a new food item, and compare iphone apps, plus much much more. Maybe we can even become friends in the real world, although I have a pretty healthy fear of craigslist killers so maybe not...

Well that's enough for the inaugural post! Coming soon...the story behind the name of my blog (hint: it involves hypoglycemia, a frisky deer named Quigley, and alpine lakes!), a delicious coconut flour zucchini bread recipe, and, of course, the first thing that people ask about and the story that has dominated my entire diagnosis debacle! And also hopefully coming soon....fellow T1ers with lots of stories and advice to share! Creepers need not apply, thanks.

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